As the revitalisation of the Flinders Street mall in the Townsville CBD continues, it’s hard not to notice the many roadworks and worksites dotting the streets.

At the centre of the construction work on Stokes Street is the bold presence of a JCB JS290 Excavator digging through 10 metres deep road rubble and bitumen, owned and operated by the family business KB Pipelines.

Operating since 2008, the Kim brothers combined their individual skills and experience to head their own operation after working as pipe layers, concreters, steel fixers and plant operators.

Having grown up in Armidale, they began labouring after school and always worked well together. They later moved to Cairns, and in 2008 it made sense for the brothers in to open and operate their own business, relocating to Townsville when they saw an expansion opportunity in the construction industry.

Today approximately fifty per cent of their business is involved with the installation of pipelines and drainage, and KB Pipelines has gone from strength to strength in establishing itself as reputable civil construction specialist in North Queensland.

Business Manager Ricky Kim heads the KB Pipelines operation having a background in leadership, directing teams in Brisbane and Cairns before returning to Townsville to open the business alongside his brothers Craig, Peter and Reg.

Behind the joystick controls in the excavator is Peter, who says he is relieved to see that business is picking up again in Townsville.

“We’ve been lucky to pick up work when things have been a little quiet around Townsville in the past 12 months,” says Peter.

“But now we’re on the up and up, so let’s hope it stays this way.”

Peter has his nephew and son also working for the business when they’re not at school, and he says he holds high hopes that the ownership of KB Pipelines stays in family hands.

“I think they’re the right guys to keep it running well, it make sense that the business gets handed down through the ranks to our kids,” says Peter.

KB Pipelines has engaged Honeycombes Sales & Service Townsville as their choice of supplier for their construction equipment, which includes a JCB JS290 & JS240 excavators a 416 Loader and 3CX Backhoe.

A globally recognised manufacturer of construction machinery, JCB have increased their presence in North Queensland by teaming up with the long-established Honeycombes Sales & Service dealership in 2009.

Peter says that Honeycombes had on offer the right specifications and decent value for money, which was the main reason why JCB was chosen over other competing brands.


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